Cloud Infrastructure

Manage Cloud

Cloud Infrastructure

Changing The Game With Cloud Featuring Pocket Gems

The name "Pocket Gems" really speaks to what we do, which is make beautiful things for your mobile device. We try to make games...
Secure Cloud

Skyflok Secure Cloud

SkyFlok offers 5 different types of plans, “Small Sky”, “Fair Sky”, “Clear Sky”, “Big Sky” and an Enterprise Custom solution. Pick the solution that...
Cloud Iot Infrastructurevideo

The Fabric – Co-Creation Approach For Cloud Iot Infrastructure Startups

The initial vision of The Fabric was conceived as we were leaving Juniper Networks. Prabakar and I had successfully got Ankeena going within Juniper...
Orchestrations V2

How Can We Create The Instance In Orchestrations V2?

Note that most of the objects that the instance depends upon, such as storage volumes, the vNICset, and the SSH key, are included in...
Cloud Security Challenges

All about Cloud Security Challenges

First, I would like to talk about traffic visibility. From a business point of view, a very interesting place for a company that I...
Infrastructure As Code

Kubernetes, Terraform, Oracle Cloud and Infrastructure As Code

As companies move to a cloud native architecture or a cloud native type solution, I like to think ofimagine you're a superhero sysadmin working,...

Cloud Service Models

How AI Can Manage Your Cloud?

Manage Cloud
Digital transformation is enabling businesses to become more agile by leveraging cloud. Business priorities have changed, varying based on the stakeholders, which means IT...

How Energis Cloud Drastically Simplified Data Collection and Analysis At Ensys?

Energis Cloud
We mainly use the software for the analysis of the buildings where we generate data in function of energy saving or esco projects that...

Cloud Computing – Cloud Service Models

Cloud Service Modelsvideo
When we talk about Cloud, there’s a number of different aspects and the reason why those aspects are important is different parts of a...

Business Consulting Case Study — Data Center Consolidation and Cloud Transformation

Data Center Consolidation
Cognizant, driving business agility through data center consolidation and cloud transformation is a US based, diversified media information and Services Company sought to consolidate...

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