Android Developer Story: Mobills grows revenue with Google Play subscription features

Android Developer Story: Mobills grows revenue with Google Play subscription features

Mobills came from a need of mine. I used to control my finances
through spreadsheets. I thought it would be a good idea to develop an app
so that I could control my finances in a more practical and easy way. When I launched it on Google Play, many users started downloading it,
and the business started. Mobills is a free platform and app, which people use
to start controlling their finances. However, in order to have access
to all of the app’s functions, they pay a monthly subscription. This year we have had
a significant increase in the number of Android subscriptions. That is due to many tools from Google Play
which we started to use. We realized that we had a great issue, in which we had many users that used our free app
for a long period of time. Using Firebase Remote Config, along with introductory price,
we developed a strategy to offer progressive discounts
to our users, in which, starting from 100 days of use,
we offered a 10% discount. With 200 days, we offered 20%. From 300 days, 30%. After 400 days of free use,
we offered up to 50% discount using introductory price.
That led us to see a 30% increase in converting
users into subscribers and a 20% increase
in our average weekly revenue. In order to retain our users,
we started using a grace period, in which we enabled seven days
for the user to resolve any issues they might have had
with payment. We perceived a 40% decrease
in the number of involuntary churns. We started using real-time notification, which helps users
to receive real-time notifications if there is any error
with their payment method. We have also seen a positive impact in decreasing the number
of cancelled subscriptions. My advice to other developers is to use all of
Google Play Console’s available tools. To use a grace period
in order to decrease involuntary churns. To use introductory price
in order to offer discounts to users who are not subscribed yet. To work on the app’s quality. And to really build an app
that has great usability. Quality has always been key
to our business’ growth.


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    If I would have made this then Google's boots would probably remove it within 1 day and give no fucking explanation, what a way to kill your platform

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    Hugeesu Pilladu

    i want to develop an app any suggestions please tell me any one i am biginer and how to create an appπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

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    Praveen Kumar

    Wants more Development,improve fast SMS Tracking and Sync Bank accounts,and reduce pro version cost

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