Explore Treasure Mode with Google Maps

The maps Google found, belonged to the infamous pirate William Captain Kidd. He was executed moments after he screamed out, “Two hundred bars of gold, and rix dollars manifold, concealed in realms of the unknown.” The map is rumored to contain the clues to Captain Kidd’s long-lost treasure. However, the map contains intricate symbols and codes and is not readily decipherable. Therefore, we’re introducing Treasure Mode on Google Maps, and inviting the whole world to come together in the search for clues. Our team has been hard at work creating custom 3D nanoscanner to digitize Captain Kidd’s original treasure maps. 41% of the maps has already been scanned. But when it’s complete, users can help us crack the code. Some hidden symbols are revealed only by sunlight. Some must be joined like a puzzle. Some react to fire. And others must be aligned perfectly. I found it! To explore Treasure Mode on Google Maps, click the “Treasure” button on the top right corner of Google Maps. If we all work together, we can solve the mystery.

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